Picnic Experience at Elysium Hill


Rediscover the joy of picnicking at Elysium Hill, where sprawling landscapes offer the perfect backdrop for your leisurely afternoon. Grab your blanket, pack a basket, and escape to our serene 100 acres of open land. With designated picturesque spots by placid lakes, under shady trees, or atop gentle hills, our grounds provide a tranquil setting for family gatherings, romantic dates, or quiet solo time. Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, indulge in your favorite treats, and enjoy the peaceful outdoors at your own pace.


Toilet Available
Pets Allowed
Bins Available
Picnic Table Present
Terms & Rules

Enjoy a worry-free picnic at Elysium Hill! As there is no charge for booking a picnic spot on our vast lands, there is no need for a cancellation policy. Come and enjoy our beautiful picnic areas anytime without concern for cancellation fees or penalties. Just bring your picnic essentials and savor the day at your leisure!

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