A Space for Family, Fun & Farming!

Learn about Elysium Hill, a sanctuary where fun, family, and farming intertwine to create an oasis less than an hour from the city. Our mission is to offer a retreat that enriches lives through connection with the land and each other. Discover our story now!

Our Values are Nourished by Fellowship Agriculture Mindfulness Inspiration Legacy Youth

FAMILY isn’t just a word, it’s the fertile ground from which Elysium Hill blooms. Our farm is a living mosaic of connections, growth, and nurturing. A testament to the familial bonds that sustain and enrich us all. With each seed sown and each hand held, we celebrate the unity and diversity that strengthen our collective roots.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Experience the Essence of Elysium Hill

Where Joy, Bonds, and Growth flourish together. Dive into our vibrant world where every moment is an opportunity to laugh, connect, and live harmoniously with nature.


Dive into a world of laughter with our engaging activities. Each visit promises a treasure trove of delightful experiences designed to spark joy for all ages.


Elysium Hill is a sanctuary where families come together to create lasting memories. Our farm is a canvas for strengthening bonds and celebrating togetherness.


Embrace the rhythm of organic farming with us. From farm-to-table delights to hands-on agricultural adventures, discover the sustainable heartbeat of Elysium Hill.

Meet Our Family

Step into the heart of Elysium Hill and greet the animal family who calls this land home. From the playful goats to the majestic horses, each creature adds to the unique charm of our farm.