Welcome to Elysium Hill

Elysium Hill is all about freedom and space. A vast open land for you to use and enjoy. Want to relax, play, celebrate, or explore? It’s all up here waiting for you. Our doors are open to bring your ideas to life in the great outdoors.

Elysium Hill - Why We Exist

Our Events

Craft Your Moments at Elysium Hill

Celebrate life’s milestones at Elysium Hill, where every event is touched by the magic of our land. Choose your canvas Private, Corporate, or Public and let the story of your special day be crafted with us.

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Market Days - Elysium Hill

Market Days

Bask in the local bounty at our Market Days, where artisans and farmers share their crafts and harvest. Revel in the community spirit and discover the finest homegrown delights Elysium Hill has to offer.
Educational Workshops - Elysium Hill

Educational Workshops

Expand your knowledge with our Educational Workshops, set against the backdrop of Elysium Hill's natural beauty. Dive into a world of learning, from organic farming techniques to sustainable living practices.
Concerts and Outdoor Performances - Elysium Hill

Outdoor Performances

Experience the enchantment of live arts at Elysium Hill with our Outdoor Performances. Under the open sky, each show melds the magic of music, dance, and drama with the whispers of nature.
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Corporate Picnics - Elysium Hill

Corporate Picnics

Step out of the office and into the serene embrace of nature with our Corporate Picnics, perfect for team bonding and relaxation. Elysium Hill offers a picturesque setting that turns every meal into a memorable affair.
Executive Retreats - Elysium Hill

Executive Retreats

Elysium Hill's Executive Retreats offer a tranquil environment for leaders to strategize and reflect. Here, inspiration flows as freely as the gentle streams across our landscape.
Team Building Retreats - Elysium Hill

Team Building Retreats

Foster collaboration and ignite creativity with Elysium Hill's Team Building Retreats, where challenges and nature’s tranquility blend to strengthen professional bonds.
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Weddings - Elysium Hill


Tie the knot at Elysium Hill, where each wedding is a natural masterpiece set against rolling hills and sun-kissed fields. Say 'I do' in an idyllic landscape that turns every moment into everlasting memories.
Birthdays - Elysium Hill


Celebrate your milestone surrounded by the rustic charm of Elysium Hill, where birthday wishes take flight under open skies. Our bespoke birthday events promise joy and entertainment for all ages.
Anniversary - Elysium Hill


Mark another year of love amid the romantic vistas of Elysium Hill, crafting an anniversary that's as enduring as your journey together. Relive and create new memories in our pastoral paradise.

Discover More Events

Craving variety? Step into our full spectrum of gatherings. Browse our complete list of events to find your next unforgettable experience at Elysium Hill.

Upcoming Events at Elysium Hill

Browse our calendar for a range of scheduled events ready to enrich your days. Secure your spot and experience the magic of Elysium Hill.

Unearth Elysium Experiences

Dive into the array of experiences that make Elysium Hill the perfect playground for adventure, relaxation, and connection.

Tractor Rides at Elysium Hill
Beekeeping Tour at Elysium Hill
Play With The Animals
Picnic Experience at Elysium Hill
Drone Flying Experience at Elysium Hill
Camping (Rugged Retreat)
Camping (Valley Vibes)
Camping (Field Fables)
Camping - Family First
Farm Stay at Elysium Hill
Glamping at Elysium Hill

Everything Is Possible

Choose your adventure on Elysium Hill – where every day is a blank page for your story.

  • Glamping & Camping
  • Nature Walks & Hiking
  • Flying Kites
  • Photography Sessions
  • Weddings
  • BBQ's
  • Picnics
  • Birthdays
  • Outdoor Reading & Relaxation
  • Team Sports (Soccer or Frisbee)
  • Outdoor Movie Nights
  • Romantic Getaways
  • Drone Flying Areas
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • NDIS Activities
  • Bird Watching
  • Storytelling Around Campfires
  • Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Hayrides & Tractor Tours
  • Petting Zoos With Farm Animals
  • Team-Building Courses
  • Outdoor Yoga & Meditation
  • Open-Air Painting & Art Classes
  • DIY Workshops In The Outdoors
  • Classic Car Shows
  • Music Festivals or Concerts
  • Seasonal Festivals
  • Scrapbooking
  • Beekeeping

and much more...

Why We Exist

Experience the Essence of Elysium Hill

Where Joy, Bonds, and Growth Flourish Together. Dive into our vibrant world where every moment is an opportunity to laugh, connect, and live harmoniously with nature.

Dive into a world of laughter with our engaging activities. Each visit promises a treasure trove of delightful experiences designed to spark joy for all ages.

Elysium Hill is a sanctuary where families of all shapes and sizes come together to create lasting memories. Our farm is a canvas for strengthening bonds and celebrating togetherness.

Embrace the rhythm of organic farming with us. From farm-to-table delights to hands-on agricultural adventures, discover the sustainable heartbeat of Elysium Hill.

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